Improving employee health and bringing teams together.

Learn how Sworkit can help to reduce employee stress and bring employees together with an engaging and versatile wellness initiative.

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Highlights from Sworkit

Inclusivity: Sworkit offers video and audio-guided experience with diverse physical activity offerings

Flexibility: Sworkit is designed to fit busy schedules—members simply select a workout or customize your own to complete anywhere, anytime.

Global & Secure: Sworkit is available globally in 13 languages, with GDPR and HIPAA compliance.


An engaging, customizable fitness experience that supports each employee

Sworkit makes fitness simple and approachable, providing unlimited access to over 1000+ personalized video workouts, customizable plans and resources that help anyone adopt and maintain healthy habits for life.

To learn more about how Sworkit can help improve the lives of your employees, please visit sworkit.com/business